Performance Endurance - Summer 2020

Performance Endurance - Summer 2020

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You can't out train a bad diet so let us help you discover your peak performance by adding nutrition to your half marathon training.

Learn proper running mechanics while improving your overall speed and cardio endurance. One coach led, group session per week on Thursdays at 700p plus two workouts to be completed on your own or with your friends.

Plus (only available for four people)

One (1) initial virtual meeting with a nutrition coach
Pre-run and post-run meal plans that are based on your situation (w/ adjustments after a couple of weeks)
Two (2) virutal checks in at the middle and end of the program.

Using the CrossFit methodology as your base for strength work and dialing in your nutrition for performance, you will be more than fully prepared to run a half marathon without the traditional high mileage associated with running only training plans. Runs (pun intended) from June 18th through race day on Sept 20th.

Open to non-members as well!

If you are looking for just the running guidance, sign up here: 

Event Info:

Performance Endurance - Summer 2020

Date: June 18, 2020

Location: 308 Broad St, Summit NJ

Registration: $275.00

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